University Of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

In 1910, under the direction of University Librarian, J.C.M. Hanson, the University of Chicago library adopted the Library of Congress cataloging system making it one of the first private institutions to organize its collections in a continuous and undivided fashion. Director Hanson’s decision enabled the University of Chicago library to evolve into one of the world’s best organized and most easily accessible collections.

As a premier research institution, the library today is widely recognized as an institution that is uniquely adapted for scholarly research due to its easily navigated and accessible collections. Not only has this trait attracted noted researchers but serves as a major draw for undergraduate and graduate students to the University. Additionally, major University staff and instructors find the easily accessible collections a major draw for wanting to work specifically at the University of Chicago over other institutions. So, in 2002, when the University began planning for a library expansion to help address the need for more storage.

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