Addressing F&B Industry Challenges with AGVs

Food and beverage (F&B) companies across Australia and New Zealand are facing increasing challenges in a hyper-competitive environment, including cost pressures and the squeeze on margins, reduced availability of labour, and the need to maximise customer service levels, improve occupational health & safety, and increase visibility and traceability across operations.

More and more local companies are replacing manual forklifts with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to address these specific challenges and improve productivity, efficiency, and flexibility in their manufacturing and warehousing facilities. F&B companies – and 3PLs that support them - that have implemented AGVs include alcohol manufacturers and distributors, soft drink manufacturers, dairy companies, meat producers, confectionery manufacturers, dry goods, and pet food manufacturers. This white paper specifically looks at the challenges faced by F&B companies and how AGVs address these challenges and the benefits they provide.

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